Where did you buy your first H bag?

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  1. My first Hermes was a Herbag from King of Prussia, followed closely by an orange veau doblis 23 Kelly from SF, followed quickly by a bi-color 35 Birkin from The Vienna, VA store!

    There is something very very special about buying from the store, even though most of my buying is done over the phone!

    BUT, I also buy from resellers who I trust, especially for things you just can't get now. I bought my 32 Barenia HAC from kaleidoplace, and I could not WAIT for that box!
  2. My first hermes bag was a her bag. I purchase it in italystation, a second hand shop in hong kong.
  3. My first H was the 35cm gold birkin on my avatar, purchased January of this year. I :heart: her to bits! I got her thru a reseller, as we have no H boutique here in Manila. :sad:
  4. I got my first H bag from the Hermes Store. Amazing experience from that phone call, to the shrink wrapped Orange Box, to the Box opening, the Tissue unravelling....FAB!

    I think as one's collection gets bigger, it's likely that we will seek out the reseller for combinations we are unlikely to get even if we have a relationship at our local stores? But the H-Store experience is uncomparable....Definitely memorable for a first!
  5. I purchased my first Hermes bag, a JPG Shoulder Birkin, from the Hermes Boutique. I have purchased the majority of my Hermes bags from the boutique. I have also purchased from re-sellers. I have had wonderful transactions with fancydiamond, Kalido Place & Mario @ Luxury-Zürich. The Hermes Boutique and the authentic re-sellers each have their place in the retail market.
  6. My first H was Evelyne III and I got it at H store. It's been just released and my SA was absolutely wonderful and very helpful! :cloud9:
    The whole experience was thrilling and... addictive :roflmfao:

    I'd prefer to buy directly from H store but it will depend on bags' availability... and the more I read about trustworthy re-sellers here on tPF the more willing I am to buy from them in the future.
  7. I got mine at George V in Paris. I would definitely recommend the store experience, and if you can make it to France and you are not too picky about color/HW, you are unlikely to leave emptyhanded. Good luck! :smile:
  8. My first H purchase was from the H Boutique, but I missed out on all the wonderful "in store" perks that so many of you have enjoyed as the bag was sent to me after purchasing it over the phone. My Kelly arrived via FedEx so no shopping bag, no shrink wrap, and no going over to the counter while the SA unveils the goodies. But, it was still wonderful to open the box and enjoy the wonderful smell and then hold it for the first time.
  9. My first H purchase was a Rouge H 35 Birkin w/ PH from an H Boutique. I loved the feeling when I walked out with my new purchase in the big orange bag. I would always want to do my buying at an H store.
  10. First H bag is a 30cm Gold Birkin in Togo which I bought at the FSH two years ago. Ah.. still remember all that roller coaster feelings.. :rolleyes:

    I went to the store 3 days in a row during my Paris trip. On the 2nd day, the same SA I talked to on 1st day told me to come back the next day since they'd have a shipment in the morning.

    Giddy with anticipation, I went around 11am the next morning, just to discovered that all but one Birkins were gone.. :sick:. Even the last one was being tried on by a French lady (looks like a regular customer to me from the way she was greeted by everyone) as I walked in the store. My SA told me that the bag would be mine is she didn't take it but very slim chance as, unlike Americans and Asians, French women actually prefer smaller Birkins. So i waited.. and lingered around.. more waiting.. more lingering around and FINALLY.. after half an hour of waiting, the lady decided to pass the bag.. Yeaaayyyyyy.. the bag is mine:wlae::wlae::wlae:!!!!
  11. Thanks, all:heart: and thanks for the welcome mrssparkles! So it will be the boutique then, for my starter Birkin. I want to experience the same magic that you guys shared and you've convinced me it's worth a little work (I'm sure I'll enjoy doing H recon:P) and a little wait.
  12. and George V has one HOT SA. And I mean HOT. :P
  13. I got both of mine at the store. I did not go to a reseller because a)I didn't know enough to know if I was buying real b)the markup was high and I was willing to wait.

    I didn't know this forum then so I had no one to ask if I'm buying real or not. I don't like to take chances.

    Good luck
  14. I'm still waiting for my first Birkin but will buy it from an H shop (I have placed a PO and hope that I will receive it at the beginning of nex year)
  15. All 5 birkins for Mrs. P are from H boutiques...like most, I am not familiar with resellers and was afraid to go that route. And not to mention that I have a problem with the huge premiums they've added...although, been tempted to go that route prior to getting Mrs. P's first birkin. We've been lucky and hopefully that'll continue. It's true about the excitement of opening a shrink wrapped orange box...the fragrant of the brand new box as well as the aura exclusivity adds to the sensory overload...except when I whip out my wallet to pay...gone it a flash, cash and excitement and all...booooooooo!!! Except for Mrs. P who's in heaven for a long while! I guess that's when it's all worth it for me...seeing her smiling, happy and contented!