Where did you buy your first H bag?

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  1. Howdy Everybody!:flowers: I've fallen in love with the Birkin and finding out how tricky it can be to get a hold of one, am debating whether I should just take the plunge on Fleabay or some other reseller.

    I'm thinking the first time should always be in a Boutique, no matter how long the wait & hubby agrees but the handbag addict in me says let's blow our yearly bag budget ASAP for the sake of instant gratification.

    Does it matter where you get it first when you're an H virgin? Do you think it will be less special if you don't go the boutique route?
  2. Personally i'm going to go the boutique route. I just think it will make the purchase that bit more special. I'm not after a Birkin though, what i want should be more readily available. I'd also prefer to go to the boutique just for my own piece of mind, that way i will know its authentic :smile:
  3. I really enjoyed the whole experience of getting my bag from the store. Seeing my SA trot down the stairs with my huge orange shrink-wrapped box, the sideways glances from other customers wondering if I was taking it, my SA showing me the different ways to do the straps, posing with it in the mirror.......can't wait for my next one :girlsigh:
  4. My first birkin was from another member of a different board. It was pretty thrilling. Opening the shipping box, then the orange box. I've since bought both from the store and have had bags shipped to me from the store sight unseen. It's all pretty exciting.
  5. Thats what i mean, that sounds special and very enjoyable :yes:
  6. I am way to paranoia to buy an H-gem via e-bay. And I like the authentic experience of the H-route. I bought my first Birkin in an H boutique. And I ordered Birkin no 2 and 3 in an H boutique as well as my Lindy (still waiting for no 2, 3 and Lindy though :drool:
    And that is the good thing about buying via internet or a dealer: immediate satisfaction!!
  7. nothing beats the boutique. even if my first purchase was just a wallet at FSH, and it had been a very pleasant experience. I can't wait to purchase my first bag (preferably at FSH).
  8. I am voting for an H store. It is so special to have your very own bag from your personal SA, especially when it is the first one. Who cares, if it takes a while? Then it's yours forever and you will always know how it felt when the SA opened the box just for you and you go out with this gigantic orange bag ..
  9. The boutique was my first H shopping experience. It was so special..
  10. sugarcookie, welcome to the Orange Side.

    I have mixed opinions.

    Nothing beats the *real in-store* experience of scoring a Birkin. And mooks has described my sentiment on that, so I won't repeat it here.

    But I can't deny I had many times been so eager (read: impatient) to get a bag of a certain combination, that I went straight to trusted resellers. My personal favourites now are Pete/Mario from Luxury-Zurich, and nyfashionexpert. A couple of times were because of they were exotics (croc and ostrich)

    Exotics are harder to come by, and the wait is so much longer, and there is so much competition for them at my H store. If my store can offer me something that I want, I will definitely go to my store. But if it's not possible, and I am madly in love with something, I will call upon the resellers.
  11. Hi MrsSparkles,

    I totally share the same sentiments as you are. Nothing beats the feeling of collecting your own Birkin from the H stores. However, when my craving for a certain design or combinations is hard to fight, I would just resort to the resellers.
  12. I bought my first birkin from the H store. I did not even contemplate going the reseller route at that time since I did not know enough about the reseller market. I also thought that some of the reseller mark-ups are very high for brand new bags so I figured that the most economical way is to purchase directly from the H store. Fortunately, I live within walking distance of my H store so it was easier for me to develop a relationship with an SA and obtain my birkins. But more recently, I've purchased a constance and a bolide from a reseller that came highly recommended by many tpfers and I have been very happy with my purchases.
  13. I bought my first H bag (sac a depeche) at an H boutique in Marshall Field department store in Chicago 10 years ago. They used to have one in that store. I don't think it was corporate owned though. BTW, I got almost a total of 20% off the purchase using my out-of-state visitor discount and for opening an account with the store. For my first birkin, a 50cm travel size, I got it at my local store.

  14. Those were the days JH ;)
  15. Well I only have one Hermes. I had to call a store to get it. Since the Neiman's near me did not have what I wanted. THey sent it in a brown box, but inside was the orange box. I wish I was at the store. I love buying LV at the store it kind of gives you a high. I can imagine that's what Hermes feels like.