where did this bag come from

  1. I don't know about that..There are pink signature bags with brown leather like this in the outlets, but the creed on this one doesn't have the outlet stamp. It seems odd to me.
  2. you wouldn't see this on coach.com as it's a factory bag.

    in the creed you see F06808...the F denotes "factory" bag I believe and these don't ALWAYS get the bullseye (of course I could be wrong on that...)
  3. I don't really know what to say about her items. Some look Authentic and some look fake to me. I'm willing to bet that if some are fake...all of them are. I just don't trust buying anything of quality from eBay. There are too many scammers out there.
    Perhaps someone else can help you...I would not buy it myself...
  4. I think this is real. There are and have been a lot of them on eBay in the last month. I have the hobo version of this bag. You could repost your question in the authenticate section for other opinions as well.

  5. I'm no expert but I would buy it. I think it's authentic. They probably don't put the outlet stamp on bags that are serial numbered to be from the outlet. Take a look at her other items for sale.. if they look fake, stay away .. but i looked quickly and it seems to me as if her stuff is all authentic...
  6. thanks so much for all the super fast help :O)
  7. Omg I completely didn't even see the F. *L* Wow, I feel dumb right now. Of course if there's the F on it then there's no outlet stamp. That's why they're changing all the factory bags over to the new serial numbers with the F. Color me embarassed.
  8. It came from a factory store and it is authentic! CUTE bag, good luck!
  9. Ditto, I saw these bags at the outlet a couple days ago. Bid on it!

    Edit: nevermind, I see that it is BIN...
  10. Mini signature is no longer being produced.
  11. ^^ except in factory

    i had this obnoxious girl come in with a planner (that i saw from factory myself in vegas) insisting that it was a gift her boss brought her while in "sf" so it cannot be factory since there are no factory stores in SF.

    but it was gift boxed in an outlet box and everything! tag was missing of course and i don't know if it's because factory assumes the SAs will know that that is a factory item because they didn't bullet point it either.

    i would check out the factory stores if possible before buying, it probably is cheaper there.
  12. yeah, these are all OVER the outlets right now.

    and i just took a quickie look, but that seller looks totally legit. she's obviously an outlet shopper!

    fyi, next time you need to ask about authenticity, ask in the authenticate this! sticky at the top of the page. :yes: