where did the twillys go?

  1. I am new to Hermes- I am a Louis lover at heart! I love Hermes' twillys though! But recently I have been unable to find them online! Where did they go? Are they still available? :crybaby:

    On a side note: have the elephant and horse been a symbol of the brand for a long time? Any background on this? :confused1:

    :heart: Thanks guys!!!! :heart:
  2. The Twillys are still available! I just bought two about two weeks ago! There are not a lot of them on eBay for some reason but stores do carry them! I love Twillys, too!!!
  3. I have seen them on eBay, but I want to get mine from the store - but the online store no longer carries them! I saw them there online about 2 weeks ago...I may just have to track down a boutique store!

  4. Twillys and some other items seem to come and go on the Hermes website. I think they will eventually restock-atleast that's been my experience! Good Luck! I am a fellow Twilly lover-:flowers:
  5. They will put some new twilly's up on Hermes.com soon. Other items that disappear and reappear a lot are bracelets, scarves, and key rings.
  6. I've been looking at the H website and getting annoyed at the lack of twillys.
  7. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much- now I know I don't have to freak out because they aren't gone forever! :wlae: