where did the thread go with the lovely photos of members

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  1. :smile:
    Hi I am a newbie here
    there was a lovely thread of photographs of members with there bags

    I so enjoyed that thread ( beginning of) and when I went to look again I cant find it

    There was a member with the most gorgeous black ruffled blouse and I was dying to ask her where she got it

    Of course the bags where lovely as well and seeing the photos really helped me understand Hermes style, bags better
    Can anyone help or am I totally batty! as I just cant seem to find it

  2. I think the one you're looking for is called Your Hermes in Action. Just here on the front page. Hang on I'll bump it for you.
  3. Yeah, gone. Too creepy?!?! :sweatdrop:
  4. thankyou
    it was posted I think on Saturday
    a name springs to mind

    lovely photos of the members and there bags
    but I just cant find it now
  5. FYI, sorry to inform you that the thread was deleted.

    Some members were uncomfortable with it and it was reported to the mods. In the end, it was decided that it should be removed.

    So sorry, but enjoy the Hermes in Action thread instead!
  6. hello ardeneish!thank you for appreciating- that was my thread- was just inspired by the balenciaga members PHOTOS ONLY thread that i decided to make one for the Hermes forum but i guess it wasnt the right forum to have one and for security reasons they say
  7. thankyou for letting me know I THOUGHT, it was excellant
    Where did you get that gorgeous black ruffled blouse
    I just thought it such a lovely thread, so nice to see the photos , helped me truly see how lovely hermes looked on there members
    sorry it was decided not to continue with it
    I thought you all looked fantastic and so nice to see young people looking so great in Hermes am sure they would of liked that too
  8. ... really cant explain and understand why balenciaga can have one and hermes cant.. but dont want to cause anymore bad vibes.. i will just go back to my little corner
  9. I think this is all handled :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.