Where did the term "east-west" come from?

  1. A couple of the Sydney girls have been rudely "scolded" for calling the baguette, or pochette, or single flap or whatever you want to call it the "east-west" bag.

    I know that Chanel does not formally use this term, but now I am curious as to where it came from. Was it something that emerged on this forum or was it an old name?

    Thanks :heart:
  2. not from tPF, lots of designers use the term as it describes the shape.
    A lot of bags that are long and narrow {wide and short} and referred to as E/W as they run East and West.
    Taller more narrow bags are referred to as N/S as they run North and South.
  3. They use this same term for jewlery too.....to describe the stone setting/shape.
  4. the SA in the NYC store called it that.
  5. Yea, I think I recall my SA at Chanel using that term too.

    swanky's explanation makes perfect sense!! oh and east/west sounds better than west/east :p

  6. Oh . . . I always wondered about that . . . thanks for the info. (I thought it meant made in the east, shipped to the west - just kidding but sounds good) :smile:

  7. :roflmfao:
  8. that answered all my questions, thankyuuu girls :heart::wlae:
  9. I was also wondering about this. Thanks for the info, Swanky Mama Of Three.