Where did the signature lining go?

  1. Is it just me or has it been awhile since COACH has come out with bags with the signature lining? In the past if the outside canvas wasnt signature, the inside would be, but currently all the non-signature items are mostly fabric lining.

    It shouldnt really matter, but I think the signature lining is so pretty and shiny and I was hoping the bags I'm pining for at the moment would come with it, but they dont :sad:
  2. Hm...I dunno...the brown hamptons business tote I bought earlier this year has a signature lining.
  3. I've wondered the same thing. Part of the reason why I go back and forth about wanting to sell mine. I love the lining too.
  4. The last thing I remember having the signature lining was my suede demis.
  5. I just bought a bag this year and it has the signature lining. The Legacy Leather Pocket Shoulder Tote (still on their website if you want to look it up).
  6. ^ Yes but that came out a little while back. Everything thats come out recently hasnt had the signature lining. .maybe because theyve all been signature pieces? Lastest scarf print, stripe collection, embossed collection, Chelsea collection. .well the Chelsea collection had some non-signature pieces but those had fabric interior too! :sad:
  7. Wonder if the "outlet only" pieces still have it? I hadn't noticed it until you mentioned it, but none of my latest pieces have it either.

  8. To my knowledge Coach will not put a signature print in a type of signature print bag. That fabric will be plain. I could be wrong but that is what I have been taught on another forum. I was taught if you see a signature lining on a signature bag it is most likely a fake, and that is a big no no for coach. I could be wrong but that is what I have been taught by other wonderful ladies.
  9. yeah, i was told signature lining=fake.
  10. That's kind of what I thought too...and my leather bag purchased earlier this year does have a signature lining. That said, my daphne (those were released last oct originally I think?) does NOT have sig lining. Its purple satin.
  11. I hear you guys! I love the signature lining.....It's an added glam extra for me when I dig in my bag.....I recently bought the large braided hobo in cream leather..I wish it had the "CC" lining....And I've also heard that Signature bags will never have the signature lining in the same bag.....So why didn't Coach put the sig. lining in mine? Boo-hoo...I still LOVE it...It's hawt!!!
  12. the only bags with signature lining I have came from the outlet...my pleated hobo has a plain interior.