Where did the search tool go? Am I blind?

  1. I swear I used to be able to find it easily, but now, I can't find it anywhere. How can I do a search?
  2. Yeah, I'd like to know the same thing!!
  3. Ok - nevermind, found it in another thread. I guess its been disabled for awhile while they try to fix it.
  4. As a temporary measure - go to google and type:

    marc jacobs blake site: forum.purseblog.com

    obviously replacing the marc jacobs blake bit with whatever you want to search for. Not as good as in site search as recent stuff won't have been indexed by google, but at least you'll get some results.
  5. where did the my posts tool go?
    it keeps telling me I'm not able to see anything because I've been "restricted"
    I dont even know what I did :confused1:
  6. That's broke too. They're working on it, hang on in there!
  7. I can't stalk like I used too, that sucks...:hysteric:
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I know, bummer isn't it?
  9. aww thanks curlsaloud!
    I def thought i did something and didnt know what it was
  10. Of course it sucks, now I have to post any silly 'lil question I have instead of stalking the nice ladies here... So much work, and I'm too lazy...
  11. yeah, i been wondering where it went since yesterday
  12. I feel disabled without it!! I hope it comes back SOON!