Where did the Resort collection go?

  1. :confused1:

    I've been looking at coach.com (ok, admittedly I go there everyday... yes it's a sickness) and I don't see any of the resort items anymore. Are they gone forever? :crybaby:
  2. If you are looking for something specific, you can call either your local store or the 800 number and they can locate it for you.

    I had to do this when I ordered my Sig Stripe Parchment wallet. I had looked that morning, they were on, and when I got home, they weren't. I called and there were only 6 left!
  3. Not looking for anything specific, just wondered why they came out only a month ago or so, and now they're gone. Why was it so short-lived?
  4. you know, i was wondering about that too...seems weird it was off the site so quick. maybe they sold really well?
  5. That's what I thought too, I thought it was weird that it came and then a few weeks later, it was all taken off the site.

    I swear, Coach puts out some great stuff and then in an instant it's gone and too hard to find! Drives me nuts! I need to stock up as soon as I find stuff I like! LOL
  6. Macy's may still have some items, right? I don't see any on macys.com but I did see a few bags at our Macy's a few days ago.
  7. i've seen the bags in stores lately ...but it just disappeared off the site awfully quick...
  8. i would just look in stores. ask a sales rep. they know what's up, usually.
  9. They still have the tote up. Wonder if they sold out or temporarily sold out of the rest?
  10. hmm....I forgot all about the resort collection, I don't know how it's such a gorgeous collection. I think they are probably just sold out & were limited. I went to my local coach store yesterday & they weren't even on display!?
  11. I don't think the site is definately reliable right now. Like for me I opened up the Legacy Shoulder bag and it defaults to a pic of it in "Natural" but when you click on the Natural color it comes up in "whiskey" which they are sold out of, at least they were when I called the 800 number yesterday. Hopefully they just forgot to add the resort collection???

    But I agree if anyone is looking to buy Resort stuff I have seen a lot of it at Macy's.
  12. I saw bags from the resort collection at the boutique near me yesterday.
  13. I saw most of the Resort stuff at Nordstrom yesterday, so it's not entirely gone yet. (It was Dulles Town Center VA if you decide to call for a charge send.)
  14. Looks like it is back online...
  15. I see the tote, but I guess the wedges aren't available anymore... :confused1: