Where did the AUTH. THIS BALENCIAGA go?

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  1. :shrugs: Am I lost? I can't find this section? Thanks, T.J.
  2. yea i can't find it either...i had posted a bag to authenticate there and left the window open and when i refreshed it said the thread's not there... =T
  3. Maybe too much excitement with the Mariolahunt saga?
  4. I'm confused about this too...the main Authenticate This thread in the forum was closed too...very weird. Mods?
  5. I noticed that my post count dropped by around 30 posts. Now I'm guessing it's the posts in that thread that are gone. Is it toast?
  6. ^Yeah, I noticed the post thing too...odd.
  7. I sat here one night reading alot of that thread, and I couldnt believe the pettiness and rudeness that went on there. Alot of it sure got way off authenticating a bag! Kinda glad its gone...
  8. I didn't notice any of that really until the recent happenings--and that rudeness end up being warranted (IMO). That thread is invaluable to this board, pettiness or not. I'm sure the mods will speak up soon. ?? :smile:
  9. maybe they just deleted in order to replace it with a new one? that thread was seriously HUGE.

    and so needed and important with bbags especially.
  10. Never mind. It's gone. I just spent 30 min researching that bag. Learned alot anyway.
  11. I agree:yes: :yes:
  12. :supacool:
    Its closed for now......
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.