where did she buy this necklace

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  1. does anybody know where she bought this necklace, black heart padlock necklace...i love it.

  2. It's pretty. You should ask the mods to move this to The Jewerly Box thread. You would get a better response there.

    Welcome :flowers:
  3. WoW, not a big fan of Kate's but she looks soooo AMAZING in this picture!!!
  4. She looks great, doesn't she? Wow.
  5. I like Kate a lot!
    I think that she's a beauty!
  6. i love that vest!
  7. she's looking better.. for someone who is getting a divorce???
  8. she is just the cutest thing!
  9. maybe Tarina Tarantino?
  10. How does she manage to look so beautiful in every picture? I think she must have some great beauty secret that she's not letting on about. As for the necklace I have no idea sorry! I love that whole outfit though it's really cute.
  11. gorgeous!