Where did my purse go?

  1. I'm so sad. Last thursday I ordered a new balenciaga from a reputable seller online (ebay). She told me she mailed out my ink twiggy last friday priority, and it is still not here. Am I silly for being so sad? Where is my hangbag? I'm just yearning to feel the leather on this bag. *sigh* I should just be more patient right?
  2. Priority is supposed to be 2 - 3 days, but it can be longer if it is across the country. That's one thing that is not that great about USPS, it's cheaper, but you can't track it as accurately. I hope you will get it today! The Twiggy is such a great style and the ink is so complex and delicious!

    *sitting tapping fingers for Impasto's Ink Twiggy to arrive!

    I wish you well,

  3. Have you contacted the seller? I'm hoping the bag was sent insured. Even if the seller did not purchase delivery confirmation, the USPS can track the status of the bag. Also, any bag that has an insurance value of over $500 automatically requires a signature at delivery.

    Hope this works out for you :smile:
  4. She, the seller, sent it insured with signature confirmation. I have no qualms with the seller as she is readily endorsed by all of the ladies here. I'm just sad, and want to hold my bag in my hands. Silly I know.
  5. I hope it comes today!:flowers:
  6. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!! Believe me, I know the feeling!