Where did my lust for Mabel go?

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  1. For so long I have been wanting a Mabel, and the chocolate one on the sale was just TDF! Well that was BEFORE the sale. Now I start to think that the bag is not so practical after all……..too short straps, and that I would prefer one longer strap instead of two ASO…… meaning that I would prefer a hobo instead?
    Am I wrong or is anyone else also having the same idea? Seems that there are quite a few on sales on eBay at the moment….
    What I fear is that I AFTER the sale regret not getting one, especially since I want a Chocolate bag for the autumn.:shrugs:
  2. I was besotted with this bag until I saw it in real life. The leather seemed so stiff and scratchable ! I loved the hardware and red lining but that wasn't enough. Compared to the soft and supple refined grain leather Mabel it wasn't my cup of tea. The spongy leather of the mabel hobos/shoulder is lovely too. I would like to see one that has been "broken in " gently.

    What about the Chocolate A4 tote? Is that too far from the style you are looking for?
  3. I love my mabels and the straps are long enough to fit over the shoulder. I'm not keen on the chocolate ones myself, the leather looks too smooth and stiff, I like my bags more soft and squishy. But the mabel style I think is really great, but it depends what you are after
  4. I lusted over a chocolate Mabel too but I didn't end up getting it because it's Winter here in Australia at the moment and I need something that can stay on my shoulder when I wear the bulkiest coat.
    So I ordered A4 Roxanne in Chocolate and now I'm in love with it:love: It's light, it's roomy and I love the leather.
  5. I think you have to try it on irl to be sure - either you love the style, or its not for you at all. It is the same with Roxy - the boxy shape is a love/hate thing, that you probably have to decide about when carrying it. It is hard to tell from a pic alone. (But it looks amazing!)
  6. If you do not love it 100% send it back and spend your money on something you really like!
  7. Thanks for the feedbacks!

    I 'am afraid that I am not a fan of the Roxy style, I don't like the pockets sticking out.
    I have tried it on several time, and I do love the style, but, yes, there is a big BUT, I know, that even if I love the style, it does not suit my body shape very much ( a bit like high neck jumpers, something I love, but they makes my boobs looks giant ).
    And I think that that is the reason why I have not bought a Mabel yet. Sometimes listen to your heart is not enough, especially when your brain knows better.:yes:
  8. What a shame, but at least you can focus on other lovely styles. I love mabels though!
  9. I loved my Mabels but they weren't destined to stay with me for long.
    I much prefer single strap hobos such as Mitzy and Mabel hobo and I'll be adding a Daria this autumn.
  10. ^^^ Oh, at least they went to good homes though! :biggrin:
  11. ^^They did and I'm very pleased that they're being enjoyed by such lovely people!

  12. :yahoo:
  13. So that is where you found your aqua Mabel!!
    I also wondered, did AliBagpuss get the red one???
  14. Bagcrazy, check the poster above you!;)

    SJ did you see Dita's Daria thread? I really hope she gets one I think it will look fab on her! To keep the thread OT I havent really been into Mabel for a long time, I think its hard when Mulberry keep bringing out such fab new styles!
  15. Right, forget the Mabel and the boob job, I'm off to buy some high necked jumpers!