Where did Lily go?

  1. I was checking out the Coach website yesterday and noticed Lily was gone! The $7000 one is still there but not the other ones! Any idea why they're gone? I was really hoping to get one during PCE but that's still 2 weeks away! :confused1:
  2. Low in stock in JAX would be my guess. We tried to order one last week for a lady and it wouldn't go through. Just keep an eye on it! Maybe they'll replenish.
  3. I called Coach CS a week or so ago about this. Whiskey will be back in stock on 9/10 and black on 9/11...just in time for PCE!
  4. I understand the black is due in around 9/12, and the whiskey is also expected to be replenished, but I don't know the anticipated date. Atlantic, might be done, with the exception of any that might still be in boutiques.

    Tip, you might find any of these colors by calling individual stores? There are still some available, just not in JAX right now.

    Hope you get a PCE and the opportunity to own one, I love mine!
  5. Sweet!! I'm all over it! I think I'll go for the Whiskey one :tup: That reminds me, I forgot to PM you back a few weeks ago!
  6. I keep going back and forth about my PCE purchase...it changes daily!! originally I wanted Lily in whiskey...then I thought I could get 2 bags instead of one (I have a large store credit). So this morning I was set on Gigi and Leigh. But a few hours ago I opened last weeks (or week before) usWeekly and saw the picture of whiskey Lily again and I changed my mind again!! Back to Lily!!! :nuts:

    I guess I won't really know until I go into the store to place my order!!!! :p
  7. May I ask what PCE and JAX stand for? sorry for the ignorance.
  8. PCE= Preferred Customer Event. Basically, if you are in a boutique's certain top buyers percentage, you'll receive a PCE invitation before PCE week, and you get a coupon for a pretty big discount.

    JAX= Coach Warehouse/headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Please correct me if I got any of that information incorrect. Thanks girls!

    ** I got my first PCE ever for the last PCE, and I am *hoping* I will get one again this time around.
  9. sounds correct, but i was told that PCE does not depend on what you spend. my hubby got one last september(and still gets them) after buying me a monogrammed tote. i started getting them after buying 1 purse with his PCE card. not sure about the top buyers percentage, though i heard it will be more discerning this time around. :sweatdrop: