Where Did Felicia and Elisa Go?

  1. Does anyone know what happen to these bags? I can't find them on the Coach website..did they sell out?
  2. There are some in stores but Jax is all out! I'm waiting on Felicia to be shipped from NYC, I can't wait to get it!!!
  3. Wow, I guess that these were really popular bags and Coach probably did not make too many of these. Well Congrats to anyone who got one.
  4. MAN... I was still debating on a black one. Guess I will keep the Tan Felicia and Black Shopper instead of the vice versa.
  5. I don't remember the Elisa.

    Does anyone have pics?
  6. Felicia is on Macys.com, I just saw it there :smile:
  7. Love my Elisa! Both styles are available in some Boutiques as well as Nordstrom & Macys...

  8. I heard they were limited editions- I dunno none of my coach stores here even had the Felicia in stock. I really want one in Coal- but I wanted to use PCE in December. I asked at the store a couple weeks ago and she told me there were only 3 left in Coal and 15 in British Tan through JAX- guess they are all gone and if I really want it I will have to pay full price at Macy's or Nordies. :crybaby:
  9. Free Shipping on Coach at Macys......
  10. That was a promo for yesterday only...it's back to normal shipping rates today at Macy's.
  11. Well, I'm bummed about the Felicia, but I guess my handbag fund will be happy! It was a really gorgeous bag...
  12. Have you tried calling stores? I just got the last Black Felicia in Troy yesterday, but if you call the major stores like 57th in NYC, the Forums in Las Vegas, Michigan Ave in Chicago, Beverly Center in LA, etc... you may still be able to find one.

    Calling is how I got one Lily and my LE Jean Patchwork in May '05.

    Just takes a phone and little patience, but you may still be able to get one.
  13. I never saw either in our Macys :sad:
  14. The Elisa sold soooo fast!