where did fake snapshot of the day go? got one here

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  1. nm wont work
  2. x
  3. Is that your co-worker?
  4. yeah
  5. I thought so and honestly- that is sooooo not cool and in in total disbelief that you would do that. :confused1:
  6. lol i need to take a pic under my coworkers desk she has an ugly fake plastik one...
  7. lol i dont know her!
  8. So this is the co-worker you often talk about.....If you don't really know her, then why care????
  9. I agree, that is not nice!
  10. she has very pretty hair.....:shrugs:
  11. LOL Michelle.....
  12. Wow..I don't know what to say..
  13. she shouldn't have a fake in the first place think of all the children work abused for making fake bags...
  14. it doesn't matter. . .
    first of all, we have a thread for ALL photos/links of fakes to be placed, there should not be a "Fake a Day photo thread" secondly, it's just common sense, don't post photos of people w/o their consent.
    Want to post a pic? Great! Crop her out and post it where it belongs please.
  15. :rolleyes: Thinking this thread should stay buried
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.