Where did Bey get these shoes and bags?

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  1. I can't find a picture of the front of the purse. They only have pictures of it from the sides. Can someone identify it. The shoes too!!! The second bag looks like an Andrea Brueckner bag, but I'm not sure. I'm completely lost on the shoes though. Anyone?

  2. Yeah I saw that bag on another site and I was gonna post that pic.
    I wonder what type of bag that gold one is. Its one of her better bags. (I hated that fringe one she used to carry)
  3. What fringe bag? The one with the tassel on it and it was shaped kind of banana like?
  4. Yeah but I dont remember Choo making any canvas bags. And Im pretty up to date on those bags. I was talking about a fring brown bag with multi colors and tourqouise on it. Hideous!
  5. that's a bracher emden bag. I LOVE that bag!!! That one cost her $1000. I'm buying a few ASAP.
  6. Someone else said Jimmy Choo also. I don't see them anywhere on the net though.

    I was thinking the second bag was Andrea Brueckner too. It looks like a different style than the one you posted. There is another one she made that Lindsay Lohan always has.
  7. this is the bag she's carrying in the second picture

  8. The 2nd picture is definitely Andrea Brueckner. They featured this bag and her in an Life & Style magazine a few months back. It said she liked it so much, she bought one for her mom in black.
  9. Sorry to get off the topic but is Ms. Beyonce "Bootylicious" Knowles suddenly booty sigh or is her bag officially her "booty guard?" :lol: Check out the first big pic and judge for yourself.
  10. I love the boots! :love: :heart: Especially when they're brown .. (:
  11. Yep. Definitely AB. It kind of makes me sad...I just sold mine on ebay. It's the saddle bag in the darker of the two brown colors. It looks like it might be the large one.