Where Did All This Come From ?

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  1. Who In your life was the greatest influence in terms of fashion ?

    For Me, It is my Mother. I remember as a little girl having to dress for dinner every night. Sunday was a big dress up day for all of us.
    My Mother taught us how to co-ordinate colors, textures and acessorize our outfits it was so much fun !

    My Mother would teach us to buy good quality shoes and Handbags.
    This is where my good eye for Fashion came from.

    How about you? Where did all this come from ?
  2. to be honest...i don't really know!

    my dad tells me that when i was like 4, he took me in to his office to show me off and his assistant bent down to tell me what a pretty jacket i had on and i looked straight at her, summoned all of my 4-year-old knowledge of fashion, and said "Thank you! It has a peplum!" apparently the people at work still talk about that 16 years later.

    my mom used to take me when i was little to help her pick out ties for my dad, too. i have a natural eye for aesthetics and color, i think, and my love of fashion probably grew more out of that than out of a personal influence.