Where did all the wrap dresses go?

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  1. I have been looking for some cute wrap dresses for about a month now and they are no where to be found. DVF had a bunch of cute ones in the Spring but now they are MIA. Any suggestions?
  2. My mom bought them :whistle:

    But no, you can find a lot of wrap dresses at Marshalls/Ross/T.J. Maxx. She's always coming home with 2 or 3 for only around $14 each.
  3. You might want to try ebay if you really want the DvF ones. Just be careful of fakes.
  4. What happened was that the word on the street is that they make you look "matronly" although I can't figure out why the change of opinion. I also think that because EVERYONE made them that they are no longer the coolest thing on the block now. There are still plenty around, you'll just have to look. BCBG I think still makes some. And, if you look on dvf.com there should be some.
  5. How can you tell a DVF fake from a real one?
  6. ^^I think there are a few guides on ebay.

    As far as looking "matronly," I think if they fit nicely and the print isn't too old-fashioned, they look great.
  7. a good place to start are the dvf guides on ebay--they really are good!
  8. Max Studio makes a lot of wrap dresses too. You can try their website: maxstudio.com

  9. ITA! I think wrap dresses are a classic, not matronly. I will continue to wear them b/c they flatter my shape.

    I have found a nice black wrap dress at Banana Republic last year. Be careful of *bay, there are plenty of DVF knock-offs.