Where did all the Togo Go?? (Sorry kind of Long!)

  1. The scarsity of 35cm Birkins in Togo in Paris has been an ongoing problem for me in the search for my next bag. last January, I attempted to make a reservation for a Gold Togo 35cm Birkin in Togo to be told that Togo was not going to be offered in this size for the foreseeable future. Clemence however would be offered instead. That time I chose to go with another 30cm birkin - a blue jean - in Togo. Togo is still being offered in the 30cm size.

    Well, returning to my local Hermes, FSH to collect another Birkin which had been in for a routine service, I casually asked about the status of leathers being offered for late 07 early 08. I really was hoping to hear that Togo would be offered in the 35cm. Again I was told no Togo - the reason being given is the size of the skin is too small for the 35s as it's calf leather which is small as opposed to Taurillon which is larger. I then asked about Chevre as I love this leather and thought maybe this would be offered in the 35cm but I was told only 30cm Birkins and 32cm Kellys.

    I am exploring my options for other leathers at the moment. And possibly, I will go with Clemence. However, I would love to know if any of you guys have experienced the same thing in your recent Hermes travels.
  2. Actually Grill, I had the opposite. I successfully placed an order last Jan (for the Feb 07 podium) for a togo 35cm Birkin that was accepted, and is due before the end of the year (I'm hoping soon - I'm not good at waiting!). I also tried a chevre order (in my case, Mysore) at the Feb podium, and this podium in July just gone - both times it was rejected. My SA came back this time with news that chevre is a no-go for a while, and they have introduced a "new" chevre to replace Mysore and CDC, available in two colours (a muted green and a greyish blue) and only in Kellys.

    He was quite sure about this, but it's always interesting the different things we get told across the globe. My store is also expecting a few togo bags in prior to Christmas, as I have expressed preference for togo over clemence, and my SA told me they had ordered most things in togo this podium.

    He DID say last Christmas, however, that togo was getting harder to come by, and there was a big push at H for clemence, swift and Vache Liegee.
  3. Grill, Togo 35cm Birkins are still arriving at my store. These were ordered from the last 2 podiums; Jul'06 and Feb'07.

    From what I understand, Togo is in high demand in Asian countries, and I think for this reason alone, Hermes will allocate more Togo to this part of the world, and keep more smooth leathers like Box Calf for Europe.
  4. how many podium orders are there in one year?
  5. Togo is in high demand everywhere.
    I have had the same experience that Grands Fonds described, being told the goats were too small for 35cm Birkins (LOL! I still think that's hilarious), but I have not seen a significant decline in Togo availability here in the states.

    That being said, I do know that there is some issue with the availability of Gold this year--according to the owner of a franchise store in my area, a lot of skins were not able to be dyed Gold because they use "clearer" skins for lighter colors, and Gold apparently shows any and all markings even more than a light color like Blue Jean, etc. So they are dying a lot more skins black or raisin or other darker colors this year. I don't know if her word is gospel or anything, but I thought I'd pass along that bit of second hand info.
    Remember, also, that there has been a rather recent shakeup in the sources Hermes uses for their leathers, which is why some have disappeared entirely and there's a whole new line of leathers coming out for SS08. The sources are completely new.
  6. I believe there are a certain number allocated to each store based on volume, etc.. Sort of like electoral votes in the US political system.
  7. Sorry, I meant higher demand, and higher allocation to Asia.
  8. Every store will be given a buy quota, and the size of this buy quota depends on the store's sales performance (not sure if it's based on the previous whole year sales, or just the previous season).

    There are certain bags that Paris will specifically indicate how many the store can order. For example, at my store, there will only be ONE non-exotic Kelly Pochette each podium.

    For the other bags like Birkins, Kellys and all others, I was told (hope I interpreted it correctly) a lump sum value is given to the store, and it's up to the manager to utilise this value in her buy. But she is not allowed to order all Birkins and Kellys only.

    As for sizes, I have yet to come across restrictions of Togo for only size 30cm Birkins. We received a 40cm Togo Birkin not too long ago. The only restriction that I have come across in this part of the world, is that chevre mysore is NOT offered to us in Birkins. All other bags, yes. Very strange.
  9. I placed an order for a black 35 togo Birkin that was accepted and due by the end of the year also-H KOP. The Sa never mentioned anything re any difficulty getting this bag in togo
  10. ^^ Oh yes! That reminds me, a friend of mine ordered a 40cm Togo Birkin for SS2008, and the order has been accepted!
  11. oh, that sucks. I asked for a chevre mysore Kelly, and it was rejected. Also a wallet, for the second time (it's been almost a year now - grrrr).

    I agree, Mrs S, on your interpretation of the stores' "allocations". I know (smiles gleefully) that in our neck of the woods, we have almost the highest allocation for porosus croc of ALL the stores. Mind you, I can't buy any, so I don't know why I'm so happy about it. LOL.
  12. :shocked:

    MrsS - I am crying for you.
  13. ^ LOL, Handybags! But there is tPF, and there are friends! :graucho:
  14. Thansk for all your feedback ladies! I had a feeling things would be different around the globe. There is a wealth of Swift and Clemence here in Paris - though Togo is still found on the smaller birkins and Kellys. I imagine its all down to the buyers at the particular store. I know some SAs here outside of the mothership think its a shame a lot less bags are being produced in Togo.

    I must say I am warming to the idea of trying clemence in a 35 but there's always the fear of overt slouchiness. Also, colours like Gold which I love in Togo to me appear very different in clemence. I am wondering whether to place an order in another part of europe to see if I can get a Togo 35cm ?! As I don't think there'll be Togo here for the forseeable future from what I've been told.

  15. My eyes are peeled !:search: