where did all the premium denim go..sizes?

  1. okay, am I the only one who notices that every size but 29 is sold out when it comes to citizens, true religions, 7s etc?? seriously!!! even today I was looking at macys and every cut and style I liked wasnt there!!! urgh! Im usually a 27/28 and 29s are big on me. I either see a load of smaller sizes like 24/25 or loads of size 32s.

    so if you dont mind sharing, let me do my own little research and figure out what size is typically the one to sell out faster...what size jean do you wear?

    me: 27/28
  2. usually 26 and 27 are the most popular sizes.

    Size 27 for moi!
  3. Precisely why I shop almost exclusively online. Online stores generally have a much larger stock of sizes. I really do not like it when a store like Nordstrom has one of each size and my size (28) is the only one missing. Drives me nuts.

    Same goes for shoes. I know size 7 is the most popular, yet it is always the size the store does not have. So I go online.
  4. I am a size 29 in jeans & never really have a problem buying jeans online, that's odd.
  5. usually a 27, sometimes 28....but it's true, my size is always sold out!:shrugs:
  6. I', a 6/8 so depending on the brand I'm usually a 28/29 and I think that's a very common size so it's usually gone.
    I always find tons of 24, 25 and 31+.
  7. thanks girls.
    so I guess im not the only one who notices these things in the stores hehe :smile:
  8. 26 across the board for me. However, everytime I go to Nordstroms to get a pair of Paige or 7s, they are always out of my size as well...:sad:
  9. I'm a size 8 but given my curves I need to wear a 30 or 31 and get the waist nipped in! I'm guessing 29 is a super popular size which is why it's gone.

    Same thing happens to me at shoe sales when they have everything on racks for you to pick through. there's always a huge crowd in the 7, 7 1/2 and 8s :cursing: but not as many in the smaller or larger shoe sizes.

    I agree with other posts about going on line if you know what you want, as they usually have a larger selection.
  10. i'm a 27/28. i usually don't have a problem finding sizes, but the boutique where i buy most of my jeans stocks more of those sizes.
  11. im a size 26/27, I always have a hard time finding a size 27!
  12. I wear 26/27
  13. i'm a size 24 and have a really hard time finding them...i need to shop where you ladies go :smile:
  14. i wear 25 or 26....i have to say I LOVE TR....:P
  15. 26 or 27. I have noticed that these sizes do go pretty quick though. Ditto on preference to shopping online.