Where could I find a Jacquetta??

  1. I am trying to avoid eBay.

    Does anyone know where one can be had. I had one a few years ago but let a friend "borrow" it for a visit to the States and she stayed there!!

    I am getting sick of asking for her to post it back to me. I like the Mollie, but my Jacquetta was perfect and a bit grubby looking! A used Jacquetta in good condition would be best.
  2. What kind of "friend" is that?!?:tdown:
  3. I was not really bothered at first because I had just gotten the Roxanne.
    But now I want a Jacquetta.

  4. Are you sure you wouldn`t like a Mollie they are on the website to buy now.

    I think that they are a great bag and almost the same as the old Jacquetta.
  5. I love the Jacquetta too, I think it's more beautiful than the Mollie. The studs on the Jacquetta have the Mulberry tree and the studs on the Mollie don't and another few details are prettier.

    I want one for ages and would love one in chocolate or oak .. cannot find any here in Holland.

    Any suggestions? Many thanks!!!!
  6. I know what you mean about the Mollie. It just isn't the same as the Jacquetta.
    I suppose the strap my be a bit roomier, which works better with a coat.
    We shall see. UPS should deliver my Mollie bag on Monday and I will let you know after it arrives!
  7. I don't think you'll want your jaquetta once Mollie arrives - and I'd be extremely pissed off with your 'friend' !!!
  8. :okay: :okay: Kerilyn - can I borrow Mollie when you get her????

    :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Just kidding!!!!!!
  9. Anyone out there who knows where to find the Jacquetta?:search:

    I'm getting desperate, really want one .. thanks!!

  10. Are you in the UK? I have seen them in the outlets!
  11. Try the outlets. I've seen Jacquetta at Shepton Mallet. Worth a try.
  12. No I live in Holland but have als lived in the UK for a few years. I still have an UK bank account and it could be shipped to a friend of mine in the UK. Do outlets ship the bags?

    Thanks, Olga
  13. I phoned the outlet and she almost laughed, bless her!
    I would say buy the Mollie. The Jacquetta is nice, but they have not made them in over 2 years, so any bag you get will be fake or well used.
    In my opinion anyway...who would own this bag and not wear her for 2 years??
  14. Me I'm afraid have had mine for longer and only used it once
  15. My friend in New York who has my Jacquetta (to be fair, I have only just started hassling her to get it back) has sent me a lovely amount of money into my Paypal to cover the costs of the Mollie!
    Maybe she has been on purseblog and seen my posts!! Whatever the reason, I am chuffed!!

    Time to find a NEW bag now ***kidding!***