Where can you use PCE for Ergo?

  1. I hope this post is OK...

    Would anyone who had been able to use their PCE for Ergo please post the location of the boutique? I told my SA that there were stores allowing this, she wanted more information about where. I am hoping that they will let me use the PCE for a large black tote!
  2. It's a customer accomadation when this happens. It is up to the store if a customer wants it.

    Do not hold this against your store, They didn't make the rules. It says it loud and clear on the back of the invite that PCE does not include ergo.
  3. I second this, I simply asked my SA about the ergo and if I could get the discount on it.....she said she had to ask her store manager (my SA is a manager too). She came back and said he told her it was her decision to make. She said yes. :yes:
  4. I can tell you where they won't - Scottsdale, AZ. I asked my SA who then asked her manager who said "no way"
  5. Orlando "Florida Mall" won't either. I REALLY tried!!! I just want the dang wristlet!!