Where can you see previous seasons' lines on-line?

  1. I was wondering if there is a place to see complete lines from past years??? What prompted my question is the Poppy line. I am newly addicted to Coach and saw a Poppy bag on eBay. It is beautiful, so I did a search. The problem is that I know there must be more bags available and I'd like to see them all before I decide what I'd like to buy. Which brings me to my question...
    Is there a website for COMPLETE "old line" reference? :confused1:
  2. I've never seen that link before! How cool!
  3. oh cool, i've never seen it before either. i might just have to book mark it, i love to see different styles and compare it to how it is now! :smile:
  4. Unfortunately, I can't get it to pull up the actual items. I see each front page, but when I try to see the items, it just brings me to the current Coach page. If anyone else knows of an other site, please let all of know!
  5. that's really it, the links don't always work, but sometimes they do.

    coach doesn't really want you to know old styles, they want you to buy the current stuff!
  6. I just tried the archive and it works well. If you click the links right on the main page, such as 'view all handbags', you can see everything along with the prices. It's pretty cool. I'm having fun at looking at all the past items.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I had a great time admiring those bags:drool:
  8. For whatever reason, my service or computer won't allow me to see it! I see each of the home pages, but it won't show the items. Thanks anyway. At least other tPF's can do some good "research"!:smile: