Where can you purchase fine tea at good price?

  1. I have always been a coffee drinker. I enjoy fine coffee, so I buy strictly gevaliar brand coffee and kona peaberry coffee. Two years ago, I was introduced to the soothing chamomile tea, and was instantly attracted to its distinct applelike aroma and taste. From the teabag printing, I noticed that the tea was made by Bigelow Tea company. This company also makes other great fruit flavored tea such as raspberry and lemon. I have ordered Bigelow teabags in bulk to enjoy for months to come. Now, I wonder if there are better tea choices out here to try. What would you recommend? where can I purchase them at a good price?
  2. I just ordered a HEAP of loose tea from


    And I do mean a HEAP! They come in nice black ziplock type bags...they have every kind of tea you could possibly want, including blends for hot and iced tea as well. Their Earl Grey is TDF!!!!! so is the blood orange...so great!!!

    You will go nuts!

    OFF TOPIC---BTW I use an iced tea maker..we always have a pitcher of black, green/mint, and herb teas in the fridge. (in those odd narrow refridge dispensers). I though iced tea makers were stupid till I got one. It is so convenient, how did I live without it! I can make a huge batch all at once, its GREAT!!!

    They have INCREDIBLE blends, but warning!!! They are much stronger than what you get in tea bags. So use one of those little tea balls, and start with a little less than you would normally use. YAY!!!!
  3. I found this brand in Paris.
    The tall metal containers are TDF but they want about $600.00 for them!
  4. Your local Asian/South Asian grocery store will be able to hook you up!
  5. Teavana has an large assortment of every tea imaginable. We have a store here in Northern VA. You can also buy from their site:

  6. I just ordered a ton of spices from a place called Moutain Rose Herbs to make homemade rootbeer. They have some delicious looking teas too, which I haven't had a chance to try, but they look amazing.

  7. I've ordered from dragonwater and was pleased.


    The thing that's good about ordering online is that you can get samples so you can try lots of different blends. Tea is addictive though so be warned!1
  8. Twinings is another brand that should be easily available at any grocery store, and they are excellent.