WHERE can you get the chain removed ... ?

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  1. ... for the mini pochette at a low cost or for FREE? I was going to do it but I didn't want to make a huge scratch on the piece.
  2. I don't recommend it but if you're handy cover pliers jaw with solf felt cloth so it doesn't touch your LV metals directly. This is how i've seen jewellers do it.
  3. Or go to a shoe repair
  4. Anyone have a name of a place?
  5. put a cloth over the ring and just gently pull it apart enough to remove it.
  6. Oh I never thought of that, have you done this with yours?
  7. the opposite. I had the chain/clip part of my cles fall off.. Lucky for me it was in my laneway. I just put a cloth over it and pinched it together. No marks.

    Just be gentle and only open it enough to remove it. this way you're not over stretching the ring that is attached to the pochette.

    Are you going to attach something else in its place?
  8. No I just will not use the chain because I'm just going to carry it inside my backpack or duffle with phone, key pouch, ipod, keys, etc. Do you think I should keep the chain?
  9. Attach the chain to the d-ring in your bag so the pochette does not get lost in your bag.
  10. I would not remove it. Either leave it be or attached it to the outside of your bag instead of a charm - I do that and it looks great. I keep my license, building access card and a few dollars in there in case I run short.
  11. I am a guy but I don't use a bag. I use an oakley backback our my school duffle for sports.
  12. Personal preference... Maybe just tuck it in the pochette until you're sure you want it off.