Where can you get the catalogues from?

  1. I generally only ever buy from the official website due to distance from stores. I would like a catalogue, but where can i get one from?:confused1:

    P.s i live in the UK =D
  2. You could try calling a store and asking them to send one to you :idea: If you're willing to pay for them, some people sell theirs on eBay.
  3. Yea i was going to try ringing, any ideas on number for UK?
    Thanks =D
  4. :s I'm unsure because I don't know where you are....UK Customer Service 0 207 399 4050 ask for your nearest store.
  5. Newcastle, so i guess nearest would be Edin or Leeds. That any help?
  6. yes, Edinburgh is: 1-2 Multrees Walk
    North St. Andrews Square
    Use the customer service # aforementioned as this is the only one given. Ask for the Edinburgh store. Sorry, no Leeds store....
  7. you walk into the boutique and pick them up.... thats what i do...