where can you buy SK II air touch online?

  1. I don't live near a Saks or Nordstroms and was wondering if anyone knew how I can get my hands on the new air touch foundation?:confused1:
  2. ok i dont know but ive got to say isnt it AMAZING! you have to hunt it down! we had it tried on us yesterday in selfridges, manchester and we were amazed!
  3. im sure u can call Saks Fifth Ave (the store) and get to that makeup section and just order it from them...i checked it out on monday and depending on what kind of coverage your looking for it isn't good if you want a full coverage foundation
  4. or call their online store
  5. is this available in Hong Kong? i really need to know asap since i am going here and i wanna hoard SK-II airtouch foundation? help please....
  6. Hi, please try reading the rules of this Forum. . . don't post again until you are comfortable w/ them.
  7. Sorry! I didn't read the rules well.:crybaby: