Where can you buy DVF on line?

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  1. I really want to buy a dvf dress and was wondering what websites to check. The dress I want is not on the dvf website.
  2. There you go!
  3. Looks like your previous commenters hit all the main ones.
  4. Also the dvf online site!
  5. Thank you so much..Greenleaf. I have just successfully ordered my dress:yahoo:
  6. Horray!!

    Right now is a great time to buy one--they are all on sale and the new fall ones just showed up, so there is a lot to choose from :tup:
  7. Also, Diane Von fursterberg has a website that you can buy clothing from. www.dvf.com
  8. Ooh!! Congrats!! May we see which dress you picked?:shame: