**where Can You Buy Coach Other Than Coach.com???*****

  1. I know you can get Coach through Coach Leather Goods. I want to buy the new Legacy bag but I would like to go through ****** so that I can get credit for it. I briefly looked at NM and Bergdorf's but didn't see it. Any ideas?:confused1:
  2. None of the department store websites sell coach online. Only coach does.
  3. Thanks elongreach.

    I was hoping I could get it at one of the sites on ****** so that I could earn money back from ******. I guess I'll have to buy directly from Coach.
  4. Try waiting until Nov. 27th to get extra Cash Back in our Cyber Monday Promo!! 11am-3pm (PST)
  5. Macys.com sells COACH
  6. That's right, we can now add Macys to the list of authorized retailers that sell Coach online...:yahoo:
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