Where can you buy boxes and twiggies?

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  1. I like both these styles but why aren't they online? Are they discontinued?
  2. Bal Box has been discontinuted since 2006. Twiggy is still made. You could find them at the store or Balenciaga.com

    Whish particular colors are you looking for?
  3. I haven't decided but a nuetral
  4. I also just checked online and can't find any twiggies. Do you mind sending me the link?
  5. Thanks so much
  6. RDC has some of both styles
  7. I just saw a thread about ruiruiwinter's galet twiggy. I thought that the twiggy was discontinued because they don't have it in balenciaga.com. But galet is a new color so it can't be discontinued. I am looking to buy a black twiggy but i don't know where. Can someone please tell me where I could buy a twiggy and how much they cost? :smile: Thanks
  8. They don't have all of the available styles on Balenciaga.com. Up until Spring/Summer 09 they did not even have firsts on their websites. You should contact a Bal store if you are looking for a twiggy. Aloha rag has them too.
  9. ^Yup, you used to not even be able to buy bags online from Balenciaga :smile:
  10. thanks! *relief* does anyone know what they retail for?
  11. Neiman's also got them in this year. There is a thread in the shopping section regarding this. The retail is $1295.00 from what I remember.
  12. thanks again :smile:
  13. Bal stores definitey have twiggy.

    I asked an SA out of country and she tried to say the same thing, "Bal are not producing many twiggy bags." It's really the buyer of that store, the specific buyer didn't buy any for the local store. LIES LIES LIES! LOL