Where can you buy Balenciaga online?

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  1. Looking for online stores that sell Balenciaga please and Thanks!
  2. www.aloharag.com

    You have to email them for their stock list and fax them an order form.
  3. www.diabro.net
  4. does anybody know if diabro ever goes on sale?
  5. Yes, they definitely do. A lot of their prices are driven by the exchange rate, as well, but seemingly they put items on sale based on color popularity. Check them out!
  6. cool beans~ i noticed that diabro charges higher than aloharag! but i'm still not sure whether or not to get the bag from europe or from the website!
  7. You mean Aloha Rag charges more than Diabro, right? Diabro is a 3rd party reseller of Balenciaga, thus they have the latitude to mark things down quite a bit, whereas Aloha Rag is bound to Balenciaga's rules about NO DISCOUNTS on motorcycle bags.
  8. i saw this site this morning- why is it so much more expensive than retail?:tdown:
  9. Three sites to reccommend...
    1. annsfabulousfinds
    3. eBay
    Strange to be saying eBay but just left and there is a great deal for an 04 eggplant twiggy bbag in fabolous condition.
  10. Style drops website is not working tonight????
    I wonder why???

  11. Any of you girls ever purchased from this site before?
    Please let me know.....:confused1:
  12. actually no... Aloha Rag charges USD1195 for a Rouge City but Diabro was charging USD1295 (or something similar). that's why i said Aloha Rag is cheaper...
  13. Actually no...but is always referred to in... In Style, Elle, Vogue etc. Hope this helps.
Thread Status:
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