Where can you buy appleguard?

  1. Where can you buy appleguard? I have read it is the best product to clean bags?
  2. This may be a really stupid question. Every post calls it appleguard, this is apple care. I have seen this link before and thought they were two different products, are they?
  3. Burlington coat factory has it too! Yes, this is the same stuff :smile:
  4. The brand is actually just Apple. The conditioner and cleaner are Apple Leather Care and the rain & stain protectant is Apple Garde (hence Applegarde).
  5. Thanks everyone for the info!
  6. from Bags, Bags, Bags > Deals & Steals:

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  7. Thanks for the code Susan:flowers:. I snagged some earlier with the discount.
  8. Ah thanks for posting the code!
  9. I (stupidly) have never thought about protecting my bags. Is this a product to not only "clean" them, but protect them? I am getting so confused! Please bear with me!
  10. Yes! There is a leather kit that contains both a cleaner and conditioner:


    And a spray protectant:


    RM Maven recommended Apple Garde in one of her posts last night.
  11. Thank you Susan!!! I was searching for a code when I bought a ton of stuff from them, but hopefully they can still apply it...yay!
  12. Which product should I buy to protect my purses?
    Whats the different between apple leather cleaner 4 Oz. and apple leather cleaner 4 Oz. bottle?
  13. oh wait..international shipping costs = $60...im not nuts:noggin:
  14. hmmm, leatherstuff said this code only applys to repeat buyers, so sorry first time buyers (like me)....