Where Can you buy APPLE GAURD that will ship to Canada??

  1. Or anystores??

    What porducts do you recomend for a first timer to get?? (cleaner?Conditioner??water Repellent spray??all 3??)

    And what are you process should I take??? (mr.eraser first??cleaner first??)

    Help!! I am soo Lost!!
  2. thank you bag
  3. anytime
  4. :shocked: Mr.eraser!!?? Products! NOOOOO! I think I must be old school, I was always told never use anything except a cloth on the canvas, nothing on the leather, damp cloth on the interior and soft brush on the alacantara. Any spots or stains just add to the character and what makes the bag unique to you. When in doubt call Louis. Don't get too product happy, you may cause damage.
  5. Hi
    If you want to try to keep water stains off the leather, apply apple guard stain repellent. Don't overspray! the leather will stay dark then, apply a light coat, let dry and apply a second. I have read to first apply the leather conditioner first. Either way works fine.

  6. I get my Apple products here:

    I have all 3 and use just the conditioner and spray on new bags, and the cleaner, conditioner and spray on old bags.

    It depends on what you need to clean - post a pic. :yes: