Where can we buy BBags online ?(past collection)

  1. Hello,
    Maybe that thread was done before...but i'm looking for old collection and i found that online-shop :

    Do you think, the bags are real?
    I want the teal Work and i'm not an expert on fake bags (i always buy in store because i don't want to take a risk...but i can't find teal in Paris!).

    Any helps will be appreciate...
  2. edesigner bags are fake, stay away!
  3. OK ! Thanks !
  4. besides eBay, you can check out 2 other places that sell older bags:
    realdealcollection and ann's fabulous finds

    both are online consignment shops. also, sabine's boutique sometimes has older bags...
  5. i can recommend realdealcollection as absolutely fabulous!! Excellent communication, really helpful, shipped my bag on Monday and it arrived in the UK Thursday and i love my bag!
  6. I have to agree with the previous poster. I just got my Vert Gazon city from realdealcollection.com and it is amazing! I placed my order Monday about 5 and it was delivered on Wednesday. Also, it was packaged beautifully and exactly as described. A+ customer service.