where can u sell my aubergine paddy????

  1. hi all
    i have not been on here for ages, i dont know if this should be in another thread so im sorry if its in the wrong place. im after some advice really.
    i want to sell my aubergine chole paddy, but dont know how to go about it. i dont have an eBay account anymore as someone hacked in to it. and when ever i ask any one they always say put it on eBay.....i cant!
    please help, and advise if there is another way to sell it???
  2. There is no buying or selling here unless you are admitted to the Marketplaza.

    You can try your local luxury consignment shops.

    Here is an online consigner:
  3. Why don't you apply to get into the market plaza?
  4. Unfortunately, you are not yet eligible for the MP, but when you are here a little longer definitely apply. Here are the rules and info about the MP http://forum.purseblog.com/news-and-announcements/tpf-marketplaza-application-requirements-and-instructions-70788.html#post1331850

    In the meantime, I would definitely consider contacting eBay to try to reactivate or open a new account to sell your bag. You can get so much exposure through ebay. Also, there are some wonderful consignment stores that can sell for you. Might be worth a try!
  5. yes, and not sure where you live, but here you can get specialist used designer stores who will sell it for you via their ebay account, or in their shop, but you would obviously be charged commission for it.

    Good luck, it may be worth going back to ebay to be reactivated, it does give you plenty of exposure :smile:
  6. thanks everyone:yes:
  7. great thanks i will apply when eligible!!