where can I still find the 08 Chanel Le Marais Flap now?

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  1. LOL! I know it has been 2 years from now. However, I so want to get the Chanel Le Marais Flap now. Does anyone know where can I find it? or which chanel store still have this style?
    Any ideas or any suggestions are welcome.
  2. I found the same one as "diera23" in NM's online catalogue a year later. I believe all are sold out in any stores or boutiques.
  3. Yup def try Ebay. I have this bag and love it because it very low maintenance so I often use it when I go out at night. Hope you find one!
  4. Should I call the stores and check? Or does anyone know any SA could check it for me? I would love to try the stores first, then ebay. Thank you everyone :]
  5. I think at this point the stores would be out...if I remember correctly, it went on sale so my guess is that they were all snatched up. I think you can certainly call around and ask SAs to check stock for you but might actually be easier to use *bay. Good luck!