Where can I still find L'Amore?

  1. I would really love to get either a Gioco or a Zucca in L'Amore - are they still available anywhere, other than Evil-bay that is? If anyone can help me find a place to buy one I would be so grateful! :love:
  2. There are some Macy's that still have them. I think Macy's does charge sends too :smile:
  3. *sigh* I'd like a L'Amore Zucca at retail myself... I saw one at Macy's when I wasn't too fond of Zuccas... I wish I would have bought it then.
  4. Ohhh, does anyone know how to do a search for what Macy's still have them? The Macy's here in Florida don't carry LeSportsac. :tdown:
  5. I know the Macy's in Chandler, AZ still had several Lamore Ciao Ciaos and Bellas, but I haven't seen a Zucca or Gioco in quite a while... :sad:

  6. Lesportsac outlet in Waikele, HI still has some. I got a stellina and campeggio for my sister and sister-in-law a few days ago.
  7. the macy's near my house still has a gioco i believe, if you wanted i could get the number for you....
  8. That would be great! :tup:
  9. Does anyone have a number for them? Do they do phone orders? :p
  10. Their number is 808-686-9788 and they do phone orders and only take money orders. They'll be open in about 40 minutes. I'm headed down there myself this morning (currently brushing my teeth *lol*) because I gotta pick up these Coach watermelon charms that are on hold for me and I might as well check out the LeSportsac outlet!!
  11. I went to the Lesportsac outlet last night, the only things they had left was
    Bambino, Bambinone, Campeggio , Ciao Ciao and Canguro.
  12. Macy's metro-center (in dc) still had some l'amore last time I was there about a week ago. thier # is 202-628-6661 Not sure what they had as I was on a search for famiglia, but it was about half a rack
  13. Which outlet? Number please, I'm really looking for a Ciao Ciao/Bambinone!
  14. went into waikele today they have ciao ciao, bella, bambinone and bambino, and luna
  15. anyone know where i can get a amore luna? besides hawaii? (how much would it be nehoo in hawaii?!)