Where can i shop?

  1. I don't liek dressign in marc jacobs and all the contemporary clothes teenagers buy at Saks. I'm more of a classic look, I like (this may sound funny) things made for little kids like Tartine et Chocolat. It's so classic and nice. I've looked at burberry and ralph lauren...but is there any original designers i can go to?
  2. what u mean original designer?
    Rallph lauren and burbbery aren't original for u??
  3. Yeah, I am kind of confused as well. What sort of pieces are you looking for?
  4. I would maybe look towards the designers in Europe?
    Isabel Marant (France), Vanessa Bruno (France), Fillipa K (Sweden) are a few of my favourites. They like to do simple, structured clothing that you can wear all year long.

    Some Hanii Y items are really nice and classic, too.
    I hope I've helped some what!

    You can look on http://www.lagarconne.com for similar designers...
  5. Hmmm, the only ones I can think of that suit your description are Burberry and RL. Perhaps Tommy Hilfiger teen stuff? They are quite classic in that varsity kind of way... What about Pringle and Lacoste? They're quite preppy and classic!