where can i sell my bags? ebay is not an option!

  1. Where can i sell my bags other than eBay! I have given up on eBay - far too many scammers!!grrrrrrrrrrrr...

    please advize!
  2. I thought the MF (market plaza here) here is another choice but i heard only members who have post 500 points than can opt to sell the items there but subjective to approval......i do agreed that eBay has too many scammers and it's uncontrollable nowadays...sigh
  3. Hi MIMI why are U going to sell and what.

    Hugs FX:heart:

    We have www.marktplaats.nl in holland
  4. You may want to contact annfabulousfinds.com

    They will take a percentage of the sale but at least you won't have to deal with the ebay problems.
  5. I think Yahoo has an auction function, and there are some online consignment shops, like Ann's Fabulous Finds, Jill's Consignment and Real Deal Collection.

    And there's MarketPlace here...but you need 5 months and 500 posts to be eligble, and even then you have to apply. The posts have to represent a real commitment to the Forum -- I don't think just saying "Nice bag!" 500 times will count. You have to have real discourse and bring something to the table.

    Good luck!
  6. Are U also on that market place over here on the FORUM

    Hugs fx:heart:
  7. Your post made me look to see if I'm eligible yet, and I believe I might be!

    I don't have any bags to sell right now (I love them all too much) and I SHOULDN'T be buying anything. Really I shouldn't.

    But at the end of the month I'll apply to see what it's like and report back if I'm accepted. It might be the only way I'm going to find my Holy Grail Bag.
  8. I think AFF is your best option other than ebay. I'm selling a bag there right now and the process is much easier than trying to sell it yourself. I'm not sure if it's still going on but AFF was having a Balenciaga consignment special where you get to keep 80% of the profit instead of the usual 60%.
  9. i look forward to applying for marketplaza at some point. can any girls that are already on there tell us their experiences with it? i'm so curious about how many bags are offered there on a routine basis.

  10. I'm sure if you PM the site admins or a moderator, they can give you a general idea of what the idea is behind it.
  11. I suggest you reach the requisite number of posts and then apply and find out for yourself ;) It's much more interesting that way!:graucho:
  12. definitely try annsfabulousfinds. i haven't sold with her, but ebay has really been tiring me out lately, too, so i might start sending my bags over to her. i have bought from her before, and she is just so great! i think that's your safest, easiest way. :smile:

    oh, i think real deal connection also looks like a great place to consign with!
  13. Real Deal Collection is a website dedicate to B-bags. The person that runs it is a pf member under the same name, formerly rocksteady. You might want to contact her and see if she would like to sell for you...
  14. Wow..I have never heard of Ann's fabolous finds before......maybe I shoud try her, too! There are couple bags that are just stuck in my closet and never enjoy the sun, that I really regret buying! Nice info!
  15. I have the same problem. I am too scared of ebay, I have to wait a few months before applying for the forum.....

    I just have one fairly new Truffle Day to sell. I would like to purchase a Black Day :smile:

    I guess consignment shops, like everyone suggested, are the best way to go, even though they do keep a percentage of the sale.