Where can I sell a vintage Hermes scarf NIB?

  1. Hi folks,

    Was googling my scarf to see where I could sell it and how much I should ask for it and found this thread.

    It is a lovely Hermes scarf, but I am a very casual gal and it just never made sense for me. It was a gift from someone in the 1990s and it has been packed away ever since. Folks who have seen it say it is worth a lot of money. I don't want to sell it just anywhere so I will ask the experts here! It is a 70cm vintage silk in red and navy with a large navy "bow" design in the center and lots of gold and red designs as well, it also says "soleil de soie" on it and looks somewhat like the ones that were pictured in this thread.

    It has never been taken out of the box except to take some pictures I was going to put up on eBay. The creases are still in it from being packed. It is in the original box with the bow etc. and has never been worn, handled etc. It is pretty but I would rather use the money for something else (vacation!)

    Any suggestions? How much should I price it for? Where to sell?

  2. You mention you were going to put it up on eBay. Why didn't you just follow through with that? Check the "advanced search" on eBay to get an idea what H scarves are going for.

    BTW, there is no selling allowed here on tPF.
  3. Thank you Kallie Girl. I was just about to post a reminder about that. You rock!

    Welcome to the PF jennifer. Please review our rules so you are familiar with them.

    As for your scarf, I would follow Kallie Girl's suggestion- eBay is a wonderful choice.
  4. You might want to post pics, including pics of the care tag, in the Authenticate This part of the forum. It's under Hermes Shopping section.
  5. Sorry, I am aware that you cannot sell here and wasn't trying to. I know nothing about this style of item or how much it would have cost new etc. I did search on ebay but none of the scarves listed there were anything like this and most vintage scarves were not in brand new shape. I was just looking for advice...when I googled my scarves' name, I found this site.
  6. You'll get better help if you'll post pics in the Authentication thread. The scarf you're describing isn't really possible.
  7. Hmmm, ok. will go to authenticate. I do know it is authentic though, I was there when it was purchased at the Hermes boutique. It was in 1996 so I don't know if that is why it looks different from the ones I have seen on this site (i.e. different color) but it is very real. Will go to authenticate and hopefully they can help.
  8. You might want to measure the sides of the scarf, Jenniferrnmba. Soie de Soleil is a pattern in the 70 cm vintage silk scarf line, but it is from this year. It may be that you have the 90 cm one from the original issue of the pattern, although right now I'm locked out of the database and can't find the exact date of issue for that pattern.
  9. mmm, good point. I actually didn't measure, just assumed. It is 35 inches or 88.9 cm - which I am guessing is 90cm if pulled tight
  10. The 70 cm vintage-style scarves debuted in 2007, for the 70th anniversary of H scarves, so your scarf can't be from 1996. (And Soleil de Soie is from this past spring.) Unless it's not a 70 size. Check the size again and post pics in the authenticate section. You don't want to put it on ebay until you know exactly what it is you're selling. I know if I were biddiing on a scarf I would want to know that the seller understands what she's selling and also that the scarf is genuine.
  11. If I could give some unsolicited advice ... become a scarf gal! You can incorporate a scarf into a very casual wardrobe quite chicly. Especially a scarf in basic colors such as red, blue and gold.

    You'll never be able to replace the scarf for what you sell it for. So why not keep it? Tie it on a bag, wear it as a belt. Scarves don't need to look formal or old lady-ish.
  12. As others have mentioned, the 70 cm vintage scarves are a new addition to the H scarf line. Not only are they smaller than the 90 cm twill, but the silk is a different silk. They are not really vintage, but the silk is softer and thus feels like an older, vintage scarf. Right now there are scarves in the same pattern you are describing that are the 70 cm "vintage" scarves. You will need to tell a potential seller the size you have, which should also resolve the question of what type of silk it is. Good luck with your eBay sale.