Where can I report Fake Chanel? (NOT eBAY)

  1. A friend of mine was a recent victim who purchased a counterfeit Chanel handbag. She purchased privately online and paid via bank transfer (so no hope of ever recovering her funds).

    Is there a place where she can contact Chanel & provide them with the fraudulent person's name & address? This person is still selling fake bags; all kinds, apparently.

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. I suppose you can try calling Chanel's 1-800-# that you can get off the website.

    Sorry to hear that. Online, the only safe ways of paying are through secure transactions through "middle men" like Paypal. Buying with a credit card also helps since your CC company can hunt down the buyer or just do a chargeback. Generally, bank transfers, money orders, and Western Union type transactions mean RUN.
  3. fakesareneverinfashion.com

    they should have a number that you can call (dont have to give your name)