Where can I purchase Dior accessories?

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  1. I need help im new to Dior. Where can I purchase keyrings in specific and other accessories online?

    Thanks Ladies!
  2. off the top of my head, here's two i can think of:

    diabro http://diabro.net/index.php/cPath/192_880?osCsid=b6af05307423f3786c3a0fd19fde8e2d
    (small selection of accessories like jewelry, scarves, a phone strap and belt)

    (belts, sunnies, wallets)

    dior online
    (only for parts of europe - specifically france, uk and germany if i remember correctly. the US link directs you to eluxury. it has the best inventory of course. ;))

    hope that helps some!
  3. it does thank you!
  4. I love the dior phone strap but almost 300 bucks that's crazy! It's not even sterling silver!