Where can I purchase a DIOR Saddle bag w/o spending MSRP?

Hello GuyNSearch,

How sweet! You can try eBay for some great bargains...

If you are looking for the Dior bag that is pierced with piercings...this is a pretty rare bag. It is called various names, such as:

+ Dior Poison bag
+ Dior Victim bag
+ Dior Star bag

Try searching eBay with a few of those key words.

If you find a bag you like, post the link to the eBay auction within the "authenticate this" Dior thread (click here) and the Purse Forum will confirm for you if the bag is authentic for you.

Best wishes and good luck! :flowers:

p.s. If you want, I will post a few pics in order to narrow down the exact type of Dior pierced bag you are looking for.