Where can I purchase a Chocolate Paddy?

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  1. I everyone, can someone tlel me the normal avenues you take to purchase a chocolate paddy? Is it just an instance where you have to call every Saks/NM in the country?

  2. Word is they are remaking the choco Paddy for Fall. That's what I'm waiting for:smile: Would love to find out if it would be exactly the same choco shade!!
  3. Yup, pretty much the same! Nordstrom usually has a big selection in the chocolate color. Try the Bellevue WA store, and in CA - South Coast Plaza, Fashion Valley Mall, and The Grove. You can find the numbers on the Nordstrom website. I'm not sure if you can locate a satchel (the traditional Paddington style) this late in the season. The Zippy style might be available though.
  4. Ok, what is the Zippy style?
  5. Hi Roey, what is the zippy style? Thanks!
  6. The zippy is the one with the zip around the base, also called the bowling. Here's a pic from LVR:
  7. Ohhhh..thanks serenity. The zippy style is not for me but I can see how it can be functional. So do you guys think I should wait for the fall to see what new developments occur with the Choco paddington?
  8. Yes, yes absolutely! Wait with me!!! Er.. that is if you can wait that long, lol! If not, I think Roz on eBay has one listed atm.
  9. Hi Serenity, I'll wait with you!! lol. I saw the one that Roz has on Ebay. Ever since I got burned on Ebay with the fake Edith I don't know if I would feel comfortable purchasing my handbags from Ebay. I got lucky from my last experience because I was able to return it through Paypal and secure an authentic Edith from Saks.

    Can you tell me what the retail cost of the Paddington is? I don't have a lot of experience with this model (outside of photos). I saw a chocolate Chloe being carried by a guest at my husband's picnic last week and it looked divine!
  10. If you call the Bellevue Nordys, ask for JAMIE or Adrienne. Tell them you got their name from the purse forum. They are really nice and will go out of their way to help you. Phone 425-455-5800
  11. Sorry to hear about the awful eBay experience you had with the Edith:rant:! There certainly are loads of scammers on there! Roz is a legit seller though but I can understand that you're now apprehensive to buy anything off eBay.

    I'm not 100% certain about the retail price of the Paddy as I'm in Australia, where the retail price is anything a store wants it to be:censor:. But from reading around, I think the current retail in the US is $1540USD.
  12. Kirna Zabete had the choco paddy available when I called a few days ago... dont know if they have any left though.
  13. Saw Chocolate Paddington Satchel at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa California). You can ask a SA to find the item (from any Nordstrom) & have it shipped to you directly. Good luck. =)

    Nordstrom Fashion Valley Mall: 619.295.4441 ext 1250 (ask for Joseph)
    Nordstrom South Coast Plaza: 714.957.3604 (ask for Marty)
  14. When the bag was released I heard it was 1310...has it really gone up $200 since then? My reasoning might be twisted but for some reason spending under $1500 for a bag is acceptable but anything over that is crazy to me....hehe
  15. I wouldn't buy a Paddy (or any bag) off ebay through an authentic seller because of the lack of a return policy. Knowing how picky I am and that I need to inspect bags for flaws, see a couple, pick and choose, etc., ebay is just way too final.

    Nordstrom is the best source for chocolate right now (try Bloomingdales too), and you can't beat their customer service. It is my favorite retail store to shop at! And sadly, yes, the price of the Paddington is now $1540. At the very beginning of the first season, the regular satchel was $1280, quickly (like in the blink of an eye) raised to $1380, then $1480, and now $1540. I won't buy another satchel at retail price when there are known hardware issues (peeling, scratching). But, here's a secret. If you find a choco you love and notice peeling on the lock, ask for a discount. I got 10% off my Noir satchel ($1480 less the 10%) because it arrived with scratches on the back of the lock. The front is perfect, and the bag is gorgeous!