Where can i order ugg australia boots online, i live in europe.

  1. I love Ugg's but the are double the price here. I was wondering if anybody knows a site where you can order them online and ship to europe for a reasenable price.
  2. Thanks, i know there availeble here but they are twice the price compared to the US
  3. You can call NM and ask them to ship them to you. :yes:

    Neiman Marcus Online=
  4. I'm in Canada and just ordered them from Neiman Marcus. They came about 2 weeks earlier than the date they said :biggrin:

    Shipping was 20$ to here, I don't know what it would be in Europe though.
  5. Are you from Canada? They're, like, $300 + tax over here. It's insane.
  6. I'm from Holland. They are 220 euro's here!
  7. If you want authentic UGG products, here it is:

    Blue Mountains Ugg Boots, Australian Sheepskin and Cowskin Products

    Since UGG in Australia didn't register the name "UGG", American company took this name, UGG, registered it and make big bucks. The UGG products you get in Nordstrom are look-like-UGG not the real, authentic, original UGG produced by UGG company located in Blue Mountain, NSW, Australia.

    If you research on why Australian designed UGG boot that way, you will understand why Australian laughed at American model wore UGG boot on the runway.
  8. Augh! I wish I'd known about the Shopbop sale sooner. So many nice things!
  9. Yeah! Its ridiculous. The tall ones here at Browns are $250 + tax.
  10. you can get your ugg boots wholesale here with low price and low shipping cost.