where can i order goyard online??

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  1. You can order from Barney's Beverly Hills.

    They will send you pictures through email. They are awesome!
    I dealt with Jeremy Alter
    his email:
  2. Just want to share details of this nice person who replied to my email :

    Liana Neumann-Landais
    Store Manager

    Goyard San Francisco
    345 Powell Street
    San Francisco - CA 94102
    Phone: 415 398 1110
    Fax: 415 398 1118
  3. I was just wondering which is cheaper to order from Paris or SF?
  4. Hi, I recently made an inquiry at Goyard shop in France regarding buying one. They are very helfull in giving information. I am ready to order St. Louis Pm but they wanted A COPY OF MY PASSPORT AND A PHOTOCOPY OF MY CREDIT CARD INCLUDING THE SIGNATURE OF IT.
    I think this is too much of giving my personal identification.

    I wanted to ask to all who ordered Goyard . Is this really what they ask if you buy one from them???
  5. They asked me for the same things but I don't think that's too much. Now, waiting for delivery, very excited.