where can i order goyard online??

  1. I agree!!! That amount we pay Customs can already help us purchase another bag!!! :smile:

  2. Alexiamicole, for sure. I actually just got an e-mail back from the lovely Florent at the Paris Goyard flagship store informing me of the cost to get my personalization done to the bag 122 Euros. Not bad...but the Customs on top of the bag I think I was quoted (by a customs officer in Canada) was something like 200 Euros...PLUS shipping on top, plus the actual cost to get it personalized (not to mention if one were to purchase an entirely new Goyard bag), oh my...it just adds up to a horrific amount! I think I'll just wait until I'm in a location that does sell Goyard to get it painted rather than sending it away. Darn. lol
  3. Hi Mette! May I ask for the contact details of the SF store? Thanks! :biggrin:
  4. wowza!!! good to know this. thanks for posting.
  5. The number for the SF boutique is 415.398.1110.
  6. no, can't order Goyard online. call boutique. SAs are very helpful and friendly. i get mine from Barneys.
  7. Thank you so much for your replies ü
  8. Does anyone know if the California Barney's has them?

    So let me get this right .... we can call the San Francisco store and they will do a charge send?

    Is there a site where we can see the bags?
  9. Barneys in Beverly Hills stocks Goyard - (310) 276-4400
  10. Thank you!
    Im going to be there in April, I think will just go in :smile:
  11. Thanks for the number. I'll contact it.
  12. Did you have any luck ordering from them via phone?

    I was unable to make it in the store the one day I was there :sad:
  13. Does anyone have the email?
  14. Unfortunately, I could not. I don't know why, though I contact them about 5 times.
    I hope you can get it some times.:hugs:
  15. Goyard is available at Bergdorf Goodman 212 -753-7300