where can i order goyard online??

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  1. hi girls...can i order goyard online?? i would love to have one but there is no goyard store here in the philippines. My mom would be in new jersey and florida this june-august. My plan is if there's a store where i can order online i would have it shipped to my cousin's address in florida.

    thanks so much in advance :smile:
  2. I think your cousin can call Barneys in New York and order to have shipped to Florida.
  3. There's no where to buy authentic Goyard online.

    The flagship Paris store, or the London store will ship anywhere in the world. As such, they could ship to you directly in the Philippines. You would also get the VAT deducted from the cost of your purchase. You can contact them via phone or e-mail to discuss your options.

    The San Francisco store will ship to any US address. You can also contact them via phone or e-mail.

    Best wishes for the purchase. :smile:
  4. ^ Yup.
  5. For those ordering from San Francisco store, does your credit card need to have US billing address?
  6. No. It can have an international billing address, but it must be shipped within the USA.
  7. Hi mbarbi,

    I was able to purchase my first Goyard bag from their San Francisco store. U have to email or call them for your order. As for me, I requested them to shipped to my cousin's house in California to save for the UPS fee & was charged for $35 instead of letting them ship to Singapore for $175 aside from the GST & handling fee to be paid if sent here. Anyway, my cousin will be arriving to SG on Thursday that's why I'm sooo excited for my first ever Goyard :smile:.

    Are you from Manila? There's this shop in Promenade Greenhills wherein they have Authentic Goyard Bags for sale (p55,000 for the St.Louis-PM & p68,000 for the fidji) But of course it's a little bit expensive if you buy from there & besides, it's more okay if you order directly to their store. :smile:

  8. Hi vang,

    I ordered from San Francisco store using my credit card's billing address here in Singapore. I think it's not a problem with them not having a US card billing address. HTH's :smile:
  9. Hi! I'm from the Philippines too and just had a Fidji shipped last week from Paris. Just a word of advice, don't ship to the Philippines because the amount you'll be paying for is already 1/2 the cost of the bag because of Customs charges! I was really shocked when I was contacted by UPS but it was kinda worth it coz I really wanted the color :graucho:
  10. Hi! May i ask the email address of goyard? Is it in the website? Thanks ü

  11. Yup it's in their website :biggrin: 233@goyard.com for France. You may address your message to Florent, he's really really helpful :biggrin:
  12. how much did you have to pay UPS? is it for customs duties & taxes only? or does it include the shipping and insurance?


  13. The cost of the bag was 690 euros (VAT ex) plus the Customs charge which was around 230 euros then the freight was around 100 euros. So I really paid 50% more just for shipping it :faint:
  14. ^ :-s yet another horror story about customs charges. 50% for taxes is just crazy!
  15. Oh my I really hope my custom's charges don't go through the roof. I'm planning on shipping my St. Louis GM to get it monogrammed once I figure out what I actually want to get done. Curse you taxes and customs!!!:yucky: