Where can I locate Chanel medium caviar classic flap bag before price goes up?

  1. Ladies,
    I was wondering where I can find a BLACK medirum classic caviar flap before before the price goes up???? thanks.​
  2. look through the subforum for a name of an SA from Saks or NM

    Give them a call, they should be able to find one for you. It's quite common, black caviar med flap, you should have no problem locating one.
  3. I was at Chanel Short hills NJ friday and they were there, try calling there, ask for Paul he is the best
  4. NM Troy

    Ask for Lisa Hamlin from handbags
  5. Chanel/SCP
    Ask for Marie Scott
  6. Saks- 303-393-6333
    SA Angie Palmer
  7. thanks for the info ladies..i'm off emailing and calling some SAs now..wish me luck :smile:
  8. Hi, any luck yet?
    Here is my favorite SA from NM: Haddy Lau 650-4301233. I was there today and saw a couple of the classic flap in black.
  9. hey ladies,
    one quick question....if i call the SAs and order..do I need to pay tax or S&H??? If so, for the tax, which state or city has the chepeast tax rate?? THANs
  10. ^^ you only pay tax if there is that store in your state and you pay your regular county tax - ie if you order from bergdorf and you're not in NY you don't pay tax. a lot of SAs waive shipping so you can try asking.
  11. ally: thanks for the info. i'm in the states, speciaficallyl southern california. i found a SA from Hawaii that can get the bag for me..so does that mean I dont' need to pay the Hawaii sales tax and get the bag as its regular price? thx
  12. which store in hawaii? if it is a store that is available in california then they will charge you your local tax rate (la or oc rate i would assume). the only exception i've seen is Saks ny where they dont seem to charge tax when they send items here.
  13. the chanel store in honolulu, specifically in the Ala Moana Boutique boutique..let me know..thx
    man, sux.i was thinking to get away with sales tax :sad:
  14. I'm not Ally but I'm assuming that the SA is a Chanel SA and not a Neimans SA. In which case, if the SA ships the bag to you, you will be charged your county's tax and the price of the bag in Hawaii, no Hawaii sales tax.